Copy all mods in other profile ?

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Copy all mods in other profile ?

Post by bartofer » December 13th, 2020, 1:11 pm


I want to create a profile, which contains all the mods of another profile...
is it possible to copy all its mods in this new profile, without having to revalidate them all...

In fact, when you created a profile with its list of mods, which file in that profile contains the chosen mods?

Thank you.....
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Re: Copy all mods in other profile ?

Post by Dood » October 10th, 2021, 9:34 pm

Sorry for bumping almost one year old topic but I think someone may find this useful for them.
It is quite easy. All you need is some sort of SII decryptor and decrypt the profile.sii inside of both profiles.
In the donor you'll see something like this:

Code: Select all

 active_mods: 14
 active_mods[0]: "RusMap-model2_v2.4.2|RusMap-model2_v2.4.2"
 active_mods[1]: "RusMap-model_v2.4.2|RusMap-model_v2.4.2"
 active_mods[2]: "RusMap-def_v2.4.2|RusMap-def_v2.4.2"
 active_mods[3]: "promods-assets-v256|ProMods Assets Package"
 active_mods[4]: "promods-media-v256|ProMods Media Package"
 active_mods[5]: "promods-model3-v256|ProMods Models Package 3"
 active_mods[6]: "promods-model2-v256|ProMods Models Package 2"
 active_mods[7]: "promods-model1-v256|ProMods Models Package 1"
 active_mods[8]: "promods-map-v256|ProMods Map Package"
 active_mods[9]: "promods-def-v256-maps|ProMods Definition Package"
 active_mods[10]: "RusMap-map_v2.4.2|RusMap Map_v2.4.2"
 active_mods[11]: "PM256_RM2.4.2_connect_vProMods|PM256_RM2.4.2_connect_vProMods"
 active_mods[12]: "promods-me-assets-v256|ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Assets Package)"
 active_mods[13]: "promods-me-defmap-v256|ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Def & Map Package)"

And in the recipient you'll find:

Code: Select all

 active_mods: 0

Simply copy this part from the donor to the recipient and you won't have to set the correct order again.
It could also be useful when updating (some of the) map mods.

For example you're updating from Promods 2.56 to 2.57 just change all

Code: Select all

 active_mods[3]: "promods-assets-v256|ProMods Assets Package"

Code: Select all

 active_mods[3]: "promods-assets-v257|ProMods Assets Package"
and you're all updated.
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Re: Copy all mods in other profile ?

Post by fatih301081 » October 22nd, 2021, 7:54 pm

Take a look at the tool. I think that does exactly what you want. It copies the entire profile under a new profile name.
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Re: Copy all mods in other profile ?

Post by Tapir » October 22nd, 2021, 9:01 pm

Some times ago I have done this, too. So ETS2 and ATS profiles are now not on C: but on D: :grin:

In steam startoptions: -homedir : "D: \Documents"

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