Wolf Skin Pack for all SCS Truck, Trailers, Garage Company Boards

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Wolf Skin Pack for all SCS Truck, Trailers, Garage Company Boards

Post by Kimmer » October 7th, 2019, 2:25 pm

Wolf Trucks, Trailers, Garage skins and Company emblems pack

https://sharemods.com/tko0wr220le6/wolf ... 9.zip.html
or Steam
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1523775169

Use the following version for low-configuration computers.
https://sharemods.com/g6ewrbjbyfgi/wolf ... 9.zip.html
or Steam
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1904877523

This mod adds re-paintable skins to your trucks and purchased trailers. The truck doors and trailers have a custom logo. Your company emblem will also change in your profile.
This mode is for those who want all corporate vehicles to have a special color and a specific company name.
Scania S and Scania R are set for all axle types.

Changes in version 1.9
Volvo Tuning DLC compliance achieved

Changes in version 1.8
Added Ford F-Max skin
Added Vad&k Daf light box skin
Added Volvo’s light box skins
Fixed a painting error on SCS semi-trailer accessories
The garage was made 1.35 DX11 compatible and included in the mod.
Added Garage Company Board

Changes in version 1.7
Added Renault Range T skin
All truck skins have been redrawn to be as perfect as possible. The inscriptions on the doors were enlarged.
Fixed bugs with Scania Mighty Griffin DLC
Mercedes Actros Tuning DLC compliance achieved
DAF Tuning DLC compliance achieved

Changes in version 1.6
Color issue in Iveco Stralis Highway interior fixed
Volvo 2009 interior color issue fixed

Changes in version 1.5:
Added skin for Man Euro6
Mercedes New Actros Door logo enlarged
The spawning rate of the trailers was reduced. So now they will appear much less in traffic.
Some minor defects were fixed.

For all SCS trucks, all cab variants and all axle variations
All SCS semi-trailers
Krone DLC Semi-trailers
Semi-trailers Schwarzmüller DLC
Pendragon Volvo
Vad @ k Daf Xf 105
Knox_xss Renault Magnum
Mighty Griffin DLC
DAF Tuning DLC
Mercedes Actros Tuning DLC
Volvo Tuning Pack DLC

Mods available in addition to this package

Wolf Tandem Skin Pack for FlemmingV BDF and Tandem Truck (need Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack)
https://sharemods.com/ldiydip7rvny/wolf ... s.rar.html

Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =620915774

Wolf Garage Color Pack (Need Big Garage Mode. There are modes in the archive file that contain various colors. Select a desired mode from the archive and activate it in your mode folder with priority from the big garage mode.)
https://sharemods.com/lbvzbtiaurge/wolf ... k.rar.html

Big Garage
https://sharemods.com/zk64j4vs1wk8/Big_ ... 8.zip.html

Wolf Repaintable Skin for Schwarzmuller DLC V.1
https://sharemods.com/s1043b8jk6do/wolf ... r.zip.html

Wolf Repaintable Skin for Krone DLC V.1
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1579722925

Tested 1.35.Xs, 1.36.X.s, 1.37.X.s DX9 and DX11

Credits Tekteker Haydar

Re-paintable skin for all SCS trucks. There is firms emblem in truck door.
Paintable skins for purchased trailers. The trailers carry the company logo.
The trailers also circulate in ai traffic.
Profile company emblems

Wolf repaintable Tesla Skin for Tesla Truck Owners:
http://sharemods.com/zlydardacsmt/wolf_ ... n.scs.html

Have fun


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