[DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by Tapir » October 7th, 2021, 10:06 am

azumukupoe wrote:
October 7th, 2021, 4:26 am
You can use Nvidia Freestyle instead
That' s for sure, but he wants to use JBX with indivudual settings for
reshade and this doesn't work.

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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by tantalus » October 9th, 2021, 5:30 am

JHTrucker wrote:
October 2nd, 2021, 7:01 pm
it would be better to stop with all the "60 fps for everyone" when it's quite clear that it simply isn't true, having a friend doesn't make you right.
It only means that even if the framerate drops, it is never going to reach 30fps, and you are going to get always a smooth playing experience.
And of course its completely impossible to play at 60fps without even a single fps drop. Not a single game achieves that. I cant believe you just took that as it sounds....
you are not a very experienced pc user, arent you? :p

Playing at 55fps is the same as playing at 60fps in terms of performance.
And again, for me, its like that. I may have some fps drops here and there but it never goes down under 50-55 except, as i said, in roextended. And thats the whole point of playing at 60fps.
Its about having a smooth experience.That what it means. And everybody understood me, at least about that point. Apparently you didnt..

And yes, having a friend who uses a 1050 and is playing at 60fps makes me right. We are talking about the videocard itslef, not anything else.
People is saying that a 1050 is not "powerful" enough to move this game at 60fps. Thats hilarious. Really.
Well, it is powerful enough. And i saw it with my own eyes. Period. As i said, there are many external factors that can reduce your card performance drastically.
Not experimented computer users usually suffer from this, because they dont even have a clean operating system to start with.
Windows 10 xxxx.xxx whatever is the last version... lol.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by clear F1 » October 9th, 2021, 8:25 am


Is it possible to get 60fps on a 1050 with the NPI AA settings that Bengan recommends?
If you can get 50-60fps at 1080p and above with NPI settings, that would be great, but it's not possible with the 1660ti Bengan or my old 1070. (I was averaging 45fps even with promods)
Are you or your friends talking about those numbers with the settings you got AA on this forum?
I'm currently using a 2070 Super and it can hold 60fps as long as it's at 1080p.
I usually limit my games to 60fps at 1440p, but there are places everywhere where it drops to 45fps. (Without the limit it would be 75-105fps)
For the life of me I don't see how that's possible using AA 4x in this thread.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by a1337cookie » October 10th, 2021, 12:34 am


I think there's a fairly easy way to see if you're correct about the graphics card not mattering so much. If you track the GPU usage using something like MSI Afterburner, you can see if your GPU is ever being maxed out. If you see it get above 95%, and your framerate dips, then it's a GPU bottleneck, and the GPU matters. If it never goes that high, then most likely, the GPU is not the problem. Anyone can try it for themselves on their own system and determine if that's the case.

As for your point about FPS drops, I disagree with you saying that "playing at 55fps is the same as playing at 60fps in terms of performance." When the FPS dips, it stutters and feels laggy, even if it only dips by a few frames. Framerate is not the only thing that matters for performance, having smooth frametimes is arguably more important. That's why people limit the framerate to something they can maintain at all times, so that it feels smooth and consistent, even if it means they run at a lower framerate. In fact, if it's a GPU bottleneck limiting your framerate, you will feel increased input delay, which I'm quite sensitive to. So personally, I always limit my FPS and make sure my GPU never gets maxed out. It might not matter to everyone, since a bit of input lag isn't such a big deal in a casual driving game, but you should understand that different people may not all be satisfied with your definition of 60 FPS.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by a1337cookie » October 12th, 2021, 7:08 pm

By the way, in case anyone's curious about what I mean with the input lag, I recorded a short demo.

Explanation: When comparing a 36FPS limit with a 60FPS limit (both no Vsync), the second one has more input delay, even though a higher framerate should reduce it. This is due to the GPU usage being maxed out at 99%, introducing additional input lag. Here, the difference is small, but it's more noticeable if your FPS dips due to a spike in GPU usage while driving. In that case, your GPU is maxing out AND your framerate is dropping, leading to a large increase in input lag, which I really dislike. So my goal is to keep the GPU usage at a level where it has room to spike and never maxes out, maintaining a smooth and consistent (albeit low) framerate.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by sikjar2 » October 13th, 2021, 5:31 am

I've been tring to get this anitaliasing fix to work in VR, and it almost works now.

Using VorpX, I can get an image with proper antialiasing in VR, but there is one small problem:
The image looks OK on the monitor, but in the VR headset it only shows the top left quarter of the image.
Are there any settings I can change to correct this?
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by JHTrucker » October 14th, 2021, 2:02 am

@sikjar2 - Are you saying you used just steps 1, 2 & 3 and VorpX only? Nothing else?

Is the top quarter shown in full vr screen or vr is 3 black rectangles and 1 with top quarter in it?

I don't have VR so can't test anything. No body has ever said it works, in this thread... just you!
Assuming you are using 4xAA, does 2xAA give half vr screen image?

If you used single monitor file then try without, set uset r_multimon_mode "0" in case that does something different in vr. Single file fixes gfx glitch only, it doesn't enable AA unlike the others. Set the games background to "waves".

Test with different working AA bit viewtopic.php?p=46616#p46616

If you get it to work, make a post with all info required and i'll add a link to it for others to use.
NPI AA: viewtopic.php?p=13049#p13049
TRACKIR closed window block: viewtopic.php?p=19250#p19250
Extra multmon_config.sii files to use: viewtopic.php?p=17658#p17658
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by sikjar2 » October 16th, 2021, 6:53 am

Yes, I used just steps 1, 2 & 3 and VorpX only, no special settings. VorpX uses different profiles to display non-VR games in VR headsets, and I am using a custom profile for non-VR ETS2. So the way it works is that I run VorpX and then the normal, non-VR version (1.37) of ETS2. Then VorpX forwards the game screen to the headset. It displays OK when I don't use the special NPI settings for antialiasing. When I use NPI to set 4xAA, the top quarter of the game screen is shown in full vr screen, as if the image is zoomed in. When I set 2xAA the screen is not zoomed in so much, it shows about half of the game screen.

I tested with different working AA bit, some of them made the game crash, others didn't make any difference.

Maybe the problem can be solved by editing the VorpX profile, I will try to ask in the VorpX forum to see if anybody knows how to do that.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by a1337cookie » October 17th, 2021, 4:59 am


I don't know how to make the whole screen display in your VR headset, but I do know how to make the game only display in the top left of your screen. You could try it as a workaround to your issue.

Assuming you are using the single screen multimon file, you just have to change the normalized_width, normalized_height, and normalized_y to 0.5. You could also set normalized_ui_width to 0.5 to move the UI to the left, but I don't think the height can be controlled, so it might not look right.

Anyways, if that works, you can then try increasing the resolution using DSR to compensate for the reduced size. Hope that helps.
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Re: [DX11] Help regarding Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)

Post by sikjar2 » October 17th, 2021, 6:54 am

I still haven't been able to make it work fully.

Using the '"Poor mans" AA setup guide for single monitor' (page 201) I was able to make a multimon_config.sii that places the whole image in the upper left quarter of the screen, so that it is all visible in the VR headset. But since it is only using one quarter of the screen, it also reduces the resolution of the VR image to one quarter of the screen resolution, so image quality is not very good.
I am using a laptop, so DSR isn't working. I tried to increase the resolution in the ETS2 config file, but it seems to make vorpX crash, maybe because it can't handle such high resolutions.

The only help I got on the VorpX forum was somebody trying to tell me that I dont need antilaisaing, I just need to increase the ingame resolution. He obviously hasn't played ETS2 very much 😆
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