Smoking room (Random)

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Smoking room (Random)

Post by rasmus » June 10th, 2021, 12:21 pm

I invite you to ask any questions in this thread, of course, within the forum rules! - If possible, then fix the topic on top ..
If a similar topic already exists, for free communication on different topics, then I apologize! Searched, but could not find ...

Somewhere here on a forum or other forums, I saw a person was engaged in drawing up a general map in the form of a drawing from different developers, that is, this map shows where which map is located and what territory it covers, I don’t remember exactly, but perhaps cities are also indicated ...
It is very useful to know what coverage is (map - cities) on the territory ...
If anyone has seen, then skinte the link, thanks ..
Sorry for my English!

Vector map of mods on post-Soviet territory.
It is a pity that not all popular fashion is here ..
If you find something like this, share the link
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