People who complain and complain

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People who complain and complain

Post by olaf28 » January 3rd, 2020, 3:49 pm

Recently I have been regularly in the forums of SCS, Promods and here. If you visit this regularly then you know enough and you are quite up to date. That is the main reason.
And of course it is also sometimes useful to help other players on their way with their questions

But what I find increasingly disappointing are the people who only complain. Complaining about why a mod is not being updated or why it takes so long. Why a map is not compatiable with another mod. People who ask when a mod that development is ready? And especially if the answers can be found in the forum if you take the time to read or go back to page 1 of the topic.
Especially when a new version of ETS2 or ATS is rolled out, it is expected that "their" mod that they use will be updated immediately the same day.
If I pay for a mod then you can still expect some service but then patience is a virtue. But complaining about a mod that is free, is really not acceptable

And then I don't even want to talk about the people who complain about the download links. Sharemods is fine. Use a good antivirus and there is nothing wrong.

I sometimes wonder what these people are doing all day long. I play ETS2 and ATS about 2 to 4 hours a day. And with the pace that new mods or custom mods are rolled out, I don't even have the time to test everything new. I lag behind hopelessly. I haven't even played Grand Utopia 1.7 yet.

Anyway this is my opinion, I would like to hear what you think about this.
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by BenganJ » January 3rd, 2020, 3:59 pm

I definitely agree! Too much time is spent to answer these "stupid", "not needed", sometimes "idiotic"
questions, when one instead could spend it on the ones that REALLY need help, as that is what a good
community is for me!
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by Tapir » January 3rd, 2020, 4:13 pm

I agree too! Many people have no patience and do not know how much time and work it takes to develop or update maps.
They should talk to experienced people and then see how wrong their opinion is.

BTW: Grand Utopia is a good map you can drive in a new profile with.
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by olaf28 » January 3rd, 2020, 4:32 pm

Thank you Tapir.
I know that a separate profile is needed for Grand Utopia ;)
My point is when people get bored, they can always play Grand Utopia ... Hours of hours ... fun :D :D
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by Dogbert » January 4th, 2020, 12:55 pm

I am sick to death about people complaining about Naturalux downloading, on the SCS forum.

Works every time for me, plus it's free.
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by sbym5333 » January 9th, 2020, 2:20 am

Tbh, I dunno how to make mods but I can understand the pain and harassment of modders who have to release their work as soon as possible.

Especially maps, they have possibility of fatal errors and compatibility problems so they must have troubleshooting procedure before the release.

Please do not complain too much and be patient. That is the best way to help modders I think.
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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by Stilgar » January 13th, 2020, 7:48 pm

The trolls have only one goal to destroy the fun of playing game x or ....

Why did they do it - because they can because IRL nobody is listening to them and here they got audience.

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Re: People who complain and complain

Post by Arayas » January 13th, 2020, 10:03 pm


don't argue with stupid because his mind is rested
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