Mack MP7-8 patch for CV713 Granite v1.1

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Mack MP7-8 patch for CV713 Granite v1.1

Post by ArTrailFanRaf214 » October 26th, 2019, 6:57 am

Hi guys today I release a new sound patch mod for this granite ... e.rar.html ,sounds are unique,some used by Kriechbaum and reworked by me,This mod is mandatory to use on the basics of having proper sounds
I hope you like this mod and if there is Any problem please report by pm me and i should Have your good posts.
Also in the near future this mod will be compatible with other granite mods or even SCS granite if they release it
Sound Mods:v1.1
CV713_Soundtranseng_Patch.scs - 3.0 MB
Old Version v1.0 ... h.scs.html

I would also like if someone makes a video on the mod

There are also real engines and transmissions ... 1514335959
Credits to:
ArTrailFanRaf214,Kriechbaum(MACK mp8 used for more realism),Cipinho,Galinim(Engine transmission from Mack Drivetrain Revision),
Added new engine failure sound(Thanks
Engine Off Sound
Interior engine sounds
Also corrected some false cut-off sound
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An FMOD sound converter and simple truck porter.
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