ATS v1.39.x (Editor Crashes)

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ATS v1.39.x (Editor Crashes)

Post by dOOmERdaZe » November 17th, 2020, 3:28 pm

Well guys not sure whats going? Well when I run editor to update
my mod as mention the other day on Wombats Live Stream.

I put my mod in emptied mod folder start the editor remove
the Colorado DLC for my upcoming Deleted USA mod
I remove all of the DLC no problem but when I do save as
option editor just crashes?? So I thought since I did the mod
on 1.38.x that maybe and issue since game updated to 1.39.x
and purchased the Colorado DLC, so I can release the mod
to you guys if any of you want to use it. So is there something I need
to add to command line? A fix or something or just wait till SCS fixes
the issue with ATS 1.39.x. I have also just tried to just do a fresh
mod all together on 1.39.x (Base Game/All DLC's) Deleted few areas
from the overall map autosaves without crashes but doing the (Save As) option
saving as usa.mbd game just crashes to desktop. What should I do any suggestions
would be helpful.

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Re: ATS v1.39.x (Editor Crashes)

Post by Mealone2 » December 17th, 2020, 12:12 am

Hi there, I know all about your problem. But, I don't know how to fix this yet!
The 1.38 worked great, but the 1.39 needs the 'Base_map' folder instead of the classic 'Base' folder.

I use an alternate route to saving my updated mods. You must first make sure you have the "autosave folder" in your "base_map\map" folder. (with the usa.mbd file)
If this is okay, then you can use the sections (-0010 +0010.aux, .desc, .data & .base) from the autosave and drop it into the "mod.scs" you are working on without
unpacking (just open in winrar, goto the map\usa and overwrite the previous files).
When you close the winrar the sections will be stored inside AND WILL WORK if done right.

The downside is, when the editor crashes you need to follow this procedure before restarting the editor, or your work won't show up!

Creating your own save folder didn't work for me also 'as yet' maybe fix will follow soon. Hope this helps! :bye:
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