Background Map Zoom Warnings

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Background Map Zoom Warnings

Post by saiyuki » August 23rd, 2021, 5:01 pm

Hi guys. I've spent a lot of time and have finally stopped any stuttering or pausing when using owned trailers within a multi-map install. The maps i'm using a.t.m are -
Roex 3.1
Promods 256 (no Promods ME)
Rusmap 2.4.2
Paris Rebuild 3.0
SR 10.5
All the relevent road connections.

I'm down to a couple of warnings and 411 Errors (Promods Garage not found errors mostly). The SR map had some lamp/light warnings which i changed as per scs recommendations, probable doesn't matter but anything that might bring back stuttering/pauses i tried to fix or i'll leave the whole map out. I tried the Balkans Project 5.1 but low framerates in built up areas was very unexceptable. So being very pleased with the outcome so far, i have a question.

I've installed the background ETS2_LAMB_EU-AF-AS-OC_SAT_BG_v1.2 (but the same applies to the ETS2_LAMB_SAT_BG_MAP_BORDERS_BLACK_PM background i've tried), in-game i select the world map and framerates go down to as little as 9 f.p.s when dragging the map around, when i zoom in, the warnings about 'Insufficient buffer size when generating '' icon. increase. The more i zoom in/out, the more the warning count goes up. I know they are only warnings, and as such should not effect the performance. I leave the 'minicon' enabled so i can monitor any warnings/errors that pop up, such as instances dropped because of 'excessive vegetation', So i'm curious as to why the framerates would drop so dramatically and why the icon generation count increases when zooming in/out. This doesn't happen with the default scs background, but there again it doesn't cover the map area i use.

Your thoughts would be helpful in this.

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