Garages small, Medium. Large

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Garages small, Medium. Large

Post by dOOmERdaZe » June 17th, 2021, 7:56 am

Hey guys,

Whats up was just wondering about garages preferably the largest garage_expensive
is there a way to add more activity to said garage, the garage is dead and has no life to it
you hear sounds but no people, no activity, no trucks like being worked on or something??

So can you add things to spawn in, to or around garages like trucks, people, etc ...
through the files like definitions etc... or is the only way to do it would be to model something in?
or is that the only way its done? The garages in game really need some work done to them to make them feel more
real so to speak not that you would spend more time there just needs some upgrades and rework.
Garages need to be a bit more advanced IMO. like you could repair your truck in garages you own
and can upgrade truck(s) in the garages you own as well instead of having to go to a shop in game.
why do you have garage to start with other than home base and getting started on your driving career.

Thanks guys
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