DIY Range shifter

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DIY Range shifter

Post by Arayas » April 12th, 2019, 9:36 pm

If you have 150 euro to spend on a SKRS shifter just to have on it 2 additional buttons in handy position, good for you. If not... Let's make one with less than 10 euro. WHAAAAAT?!?

All you need is this
-A mouse - wired not wireless ( my first shifter mod was with an wireless mouse but i forgot this kind of mouses pass in standby when not used (mine was 3 euro))
-a click button (not on/off, just click) available in electronic parts store (1 euro)
-a replacing knob for regular cars (4.5 euro) - just because i don't want to modify the G27 original one.
-a 20-30 cm cable with two wires
The replacement knob is universal but must be one with pressing screws on central shifter axle.
knob detail.jpg
This is my choice, you can place that button wherever you want.
I drilled the knob to make room for the click button, and a small hole side to side for wires.
I used a soldering gun to fix the wires to both button poles (nevermind the sequence)
I passed the wire through the knob and fixed the button on it (however you want to do it). I glued the hexagonal nut of the button over the knob hole and then i screwed the button in.
Dissasamble the mouse, get out the electronic board
Fix both wires of the other end of the cable to mouse board. Doesnt matter wich one goes where. If you want to install more than one button on a simple mouse you have 3 options: middle, right and left click ports, that means 3 buttons can be installed.
Place a tape on the laser sensor of the mouse, you dont want any movement of the wheel stand to make your game camera to shift.
Assamble the mouse and that's it.

Pull the lid off the original G27 knob, unscrew it from main axle and pull it out.
Fix your new knob on the axle by screwing the fixing bolts.
Connect the mouse/shifter USB to PC and see if it works. In my case, using the right click mouse connectors, when i click on the shifter button, the right click dialog shows up in Windows. So, all fine.
Open the game and change your button for range from JOY 0 or 1 (or what JOY you use) to right mouse button, in my case.
If the game wont show you the option of this button or doesnt react when new button is pressed, run the advanced controller wizard again, and you can asign this new button to your commands.

That's it, HAVE FUN!
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Re: DIY Range shifter

Post by umri.x » July 6th, 2019, 7:17 pm

I have done a similar one using Eaton Fuller shifter
Costs around 25-30USD
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Re: DIY Range shifter

Post by Arayas » July 6th, 2019, 7:24 pm

I'm still under 10 bucks and works like a charm :lol: :lol:
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