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Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 1st, 2020, 9:28 pm
by Arayas
You have some maps that are not compatible. See the latest video few posts back on this topic, this is NOT a roex bug.

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 4th, 2020, 1:27 pm
by Wombat Trucker
Only bugs known so far is the Lublin crash (yes its back!) and Forst having a slightly shifted road segment (caused by and reported to Poland Rebuilding).
Other then that and the usual shifted map there are no known errors Im aware of on my latest map combo.

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 5th, 2020, 12:41 pm
by Arayas

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 5th, 2020, 2:34 pm
by Arayas
This topic is locked.

Map presentation
Roextended 2.8 release was treated as a joke, the presentation stream was filled with flying buses and flooded with WOW traffic (probably more important than a poor map),
a situation created just in this map presentation, not in others (the "serious" ones).
Don't get me wrong, we don't have a problem with ANY mod beeing used, people have their own preferencies,
but if you use the map release to promote your own channel with your own mod atleast have the decency to test it first.
Working 4 months on details to see that flying circus, was not the way we predicted this will be handled.
I've kept my presence on that channel in decent lines, offering support, tips or just normal dialog.
I avoided creating a conflict with the troll who has a problem with his existence and me and i was going by the book making a report.
Despite the fact many old members of that Discord channel were banned for attacking modders,
my report was marked with "we analyze" label, but no action was taken.
As an insult, i've got a resolution like "we will talk to him to be gentle with you" (not exact words) like i am not in the position to stand my ground.
The owner and the moderators of the channel have their rights to decide in this matter and it seams they have maded a choice.
In the light of this events from Wombat's channels, mostly Discord, we decided to stop our relationship and colaboration with Wombat's platform.
We are in this situation for the third time, always reaching a hand to close those conflicts not generated by us. We didn't choosed this outcome.
The videos from the above post from this specific YouTube channel are the last maded using Roextended Team labeled files.
Any use of our files by this YouTube channel in the future will be followed by a take down action starting with 5 december 2020. THIS is an official notice!
The decision is final and we are not interested (for the third time) to find a way to a positive resolution.

Our work and our files can be presented by other youtubers or by us.


Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 10th, 2020, 3:40 am
by Arayas
I am gonna open this topic to let people tell me i am crazy.

1.People you think you know.

you probably remember this:

Few weeks ago i decided to sell my G27 because i dont use the shifter and the pedals stand is huge.
From Alf streams i have found out he wants one. I have write him an email to ask him if he wants it and we established:
-the whole set is priced 150 euro (the price i have payed for) and the transport is 69 euro.
Sience i had to spent money on transport if i was selling it in Romania we agree to pay his part of 29 euro, the rest is on me (to be fair).
A total of 179 euro shipped to his door.
I wanted to be fair and i have told him to pay my money after he got the stuff in his hands, to see its state of preservation (like new).
Now, Discord hapened and considering the reasons from above announcement i have decided to part ways with his channels.

The package was delivered in 9 december at his door and he refuse to pay the money, his mails to me having a little "smell" of a blackmail:
he is using my files "in good faith" in his combos...and off course then i am gonna see my money.
If not....well the package goes back and i am gonna remain with my 69 euro payed, and with some weeks until i am gonna be able to sell it in Romania.
If....IF...the stuff goes back in the same condition. If not, my fault.

In this moment, he got my stuff, i have the delivery report from Bring, i dont have my money.
In my country this is called "internet scam" and i have called the police in Sweden and in the morning i have to contact a person to send him all my documents in mail.

Of course he brags my files are on his diposal to make money with them in his YouTube. Maybe if i am dead. Not even then.

2. People and the need to be ungrateful for something

This is why this is hapenning.
If you like to see yourself a subject of this kind of discutions, that means i am crazy.
There are people who are blaming me for the above decision.
I've decided to stay isolated in this forum, but the attacks on me, on my personal life and my work are more alive than ever.

First, the TRUE timeline:
1.the snott mocked me in VarIuOs post (with this writing)
2.i have reported this to admins and in mail to Wombat personally
3. they did nothing
4.i left discord and posted an UGLY answer for the snott.(deserved)
5.the snott continued his attacks with me missing, in Wombat's presence.
6.i have banned Wombat's channel.

Wombat's story (in his mind): i have attacked the snott and now the snott can say whatever. First 3 points from the timeline...puff! gone.

Please feel free to tell me what i did wrong past few days to deserve this:
(just 2 screenshots from MANY and i will leave some comments)


1.There are tones of YouTube streamers who are using Roextended, representative for their area and subscribers, not only english channels.
Most of the premium users were informed about Roex from youtubers in native language in
english, russian, polish, german, turkish, romanian, ukrainean, french and so on. Search Roextended on YouTube don't be lazy.
I dont want to give names because this people are willing to take their garbage everywhere.

2.Wombat was at 3.8 k when i started talked with him and i provide him rescaled Turkey and all the files needed to make his every ETS combo.
His combo's got him today to this numbers and my files provided a fair amount of those. He has atleast 20 videos with "thank you Arayas!"
Many emails from us for PPM's or in support channel were sent recomending Wombat channel for info.
Roextended official site had a permanent link to his channel for a few months.(until another discord hapened)
I can stay well without his channel, the question is he can without my work? He never thinked this twice.

So, take it easy with those 90% or 50 PPM's because not Wombat invented Roextended, or Roextended invented Wombat.
Atleast be corect as i was when i have told him: it's a win-win situation for both of us.

3. I am 49 LOL! You know what? You will be too one day (if you are lucky)! ....yes...LOL...old people = stupid people...

Romanian Beșit = romanian fart

What changes wanted the snott for me to be open: making Roex Discord on HIS channel, changing my map logo, to aprove without a doubt his decisions about map.
In fact, the snott thinked i am gonna leave my creation in his hands, the way others published his work. Well...some are smart, some not.

This is the level we got on this community and it's pretty obvious who's the star-queen in this posts.
Off course, Wombat is allowing it, you see his post, he is there and not offended.
This is not an over-reaction. THIS is simply an attack on me. As a thank you for what i did for this community and for Wombat's channel.

All deleted PPM accounts (1 for piracy, 2 for bad behaviour, 1 for mail problems) were refunded if the user didnt benefit from it (as the amount of versions provided).
If you are a PPM, i am not forced to accept any dirty thing you think you are entitled to throw on me.
We can part ways with no loss for both parts. You want a full refund after you had your 4-5 map updates? I think you have got what you are payed for.

I have the personal data of the snott from all the ways he interacted with this map and me (PayPal, mail....despite his VPN forum use, the geolocation its a smart thing...and so on).
I will have him in court to prove me how i did 3000 euros and how my pocket is filled with money.
His unleashed personal attack on me involve some responsabilities. Let's teach him that.
He's parents will have to take note with big letters about this "old fart"'s bank account.

i was joking with Wombat about flying buses thinking it was a honest bad decision.
LATER, when i have seen the way they decided to make me a joke subject for kids, i have realized that stream was the part of the joke also.

I don't like this trash and i am not doing anything constructive because i am in this situation. Maybe i am crazy or reacted wrong. But for me this is hurting my abilities to function in normal way.
I don't understand this man actions unless judging from what i have seen today. He is a small man. Very small.

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 10th, 2020, 2:36 pm
by Arayas
All the files and mails regarding the wheel problem were sent online to a nice police officer lady in Stockholm.
She verified his penal history and gave me some personal info to sent to him back in mail to prove him we are in a serious matter.
If him or others are still think this is a joke, be my guest. He knows the info i have sent him in the mail is nowhere to be found online.
We are not talking here about name, adress or phone.

She asked me to give him time until monday to pay his package, to inform him about that and save a copy (he can find the excuse he didnt had enough money)
and then, if the matter is still on, she will open a penal "internet fraud" case against him.
Things like "my combo's", "i will sent it back", are jokes in this moment, the police is seeing this in a simple way (by our agreement from mails) : you received a package, you refuse to pay. Fraud.

We are talking with Adrian, my brother in about the Snott case.
We will proceed by penal code Art.507 and civil reparations
Article 507
A person who in public by any means asserts to a person or imputes to him certain facts concerning his or her public or professional life or activity, which, if true, would expose that person to criminal or disciplinary prosecution, or to public contempt, commits the crime of slander against public or professional life and is punishable by correctional imprisonment from 3 months to one year and a fine from 4,000 to 10,000 lei.

Updates will follow.

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 23rd, 2020, 3:39 am
by Arayas
Sience i like to keep the garbage in one place.....

The Snott. The nerve of this kid is off the roof. THIS is the dude Wombat choosed to protect on my expence. And if you ask, NO, i will not have any attempt to find a solution, he will NEVER use my work again to make 1 euro on his channel. I will update the situation soon.

Another useless attack on me sience i let him to be a stupid kid with his life. But he likes me.

He reposted Roextended parts on his YouTube claiming is "his work", not telling people that it was not functional (not even today when the garage in Ploiesti is blocked by an invisible wall).
Is part of Roextended, he is NOT, so a takedown notice will follow.

In his 3 viewers stream i find out that i am an asshole. Why? Because i didnt handed my work to him?
We had a new member willing to work in eastern Turkey, if you remember. He droped the project once this snott started to demand on daily basis screenshots of his work in very persistent way. Like he was his boss. I didnt know about it until it was too late and the guy told me on Discord.

In the same stream i find out he's bragging that he has "Arayas friends" suporting him on Patreon, giving the name of the ...person (not many, just one).
Personally, i have no business what people do with their money, so i dont care, but if it was about me i would have a problem with this kind of attitude against a guy who wanted to help you.

Also, he's telling people that his next project in Promods after he is finished with Constanta is gonna be Valea Oltului.
Funny, because when i have asked him about Valea Oltului on 4 november he said to me he is not up to the task, and i believe him. Now, knowing MY plans, he wants to do the same route just because?
Who cares? His work is gonna miss from any Roextended Promods combo.

ON LEGAL ISSUE: its a bad time of the year to talk with people about this problem. We will wait for january, the only thing we need to provide to the file is his parents contact data because the snott is underaged and he can't represent himself in front of the law. Also, we will keep you posted about it.
It's a lesson we need to teach to this stupid kids.
I know many of you are thinking this is over-reacting, but try to walk in our shoes.


Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 28th, 2020, 3:06 pm
by Arayas
The lack of common sense of this guy.....

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: December 31st, 2020, 12:10 am
by Arayas
So...people are keep telling me things, because i dont have the nerve to see what this guy streams are now, a plain narcisistic "about me, me, me" streams with no fun whatsoever.

From "thank you Arayas, Arayas did it again" for two years, now we are getting to "Promods is doing Ukraine and in two versions Roextended will be obsolete", "there are so many maps with Turkey" .... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Because HE CAN'T use them! I know this topic is not very well received, but THIS IS THE MAN. A little man, as i have told you in first post. He did a stream to RANT about me.

Don't worry, Arayas is not dead yet, Turkey is HALF ready maded by Affluence and with the help of Okan Avci, we have in plan a colaboration with a great team who is gonna help us to implement special prefabs for buses to transport pasengers,
and when i am done with Valea Oltului and i will join Turkey full didnt see nothing in Turkey yet,
some small YouTube streamer will realise that his EGO driven decisions were not the best.

He's growing Punkito's channel now, a great thing( :good2: :good2: ), anyone can do map combo's, and he is starting to became irelevant day by day. He's dreams to became Squirrel are not gonna hapened in this life time for him and if you look closely to his face talking about this, you will see the real dude. A small dude with a grudge eating his soul, if he still has one.

We have a saying in Romania:" Great horses do not die when the lame dogs want". So, dude, go fetch a stick or something, i am here to stay.

Re: Load Order - ETS Wombat's Combos

Posted: January 19th, 2021, 11:46 am
by Arayas
I have started this year forcing myself to get rid of conflictual situation. But...
What hapened sience last update?
Well, to make it easy for everybody, i have decided to take back my wheel if The Dude pays my transport to Sweden. He did sent me those 69 euros, and he lied to me (and police) that he posted the wheel on transport to get back to me.
Obviously, i think this because we are in 19 january of 2021, one month and 2 days sience he claimed he sent back my wheel and i've got nothing. Even more, the carriers with international hubs from Romania dont have any delivery in progress on my name.
If he REALLY sent it, he has no interest to find out what hapened with it. Because he did not payed for it. It's "other people" stuff and he is more interested on his own stuff.

He doesnt answer to the mails to clear this, so now i have reopened the case on swedish police and maked a new one here to our police, who are less willing to "make peace" as the swedish police was. But, now i have the official mail of the officer from Sweden and we keep in touch much easier now.
This circus for 179 euro. I didnt believe i have to meet a swedish guy to know who is the most lame individual known to me in my life but this is the situation.
I had few mail exchanges with him prior to this "resolution" and i have seen a man with severe psychological problems and a fixation on his ideeas with any cost. I mean, he payed 70 euro my transport and another 70 for his transport (if its real), 140 euro in thin air, when the wheel cost was 179,
he got in touch with police and this official complain for fraud will remain to his file for life....but hey, it's all fine, like Sinatra, he did it his way.

We will see.
In my new way of seeing things, i have decided to stop any action against the Snott, he's 14 and stupid and i know how kids are behaving today (i am full time father of 2 kids, unlike part-time ones who are spending Christmas and New Year lonely on youtube).
I am gonna save his parents for a few trips from Constanta to Tg-Jiu and the payments that follows. I think is enough punishment for them to have an uneducated snott like him in their life.