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Roextended map download

Post by Arayas » November 10th, 2019, 5:45 pm

Roextended map will be available for download:

Roextended 2.2 will be the last free version. It will be updated acording game developement (there is 1.36 ready) and probably it will be a 2.2.5 version adapted for Black Sea DLC.
It will be uploaded directly to sharemods, in one archive without adds.
People have no problem downloading other maps in many archives, with adds, limited number of simultaneous downloads at 40kb/s, but Roextended must be delivered fast and free with no developer support whatsoever.
We understand there are people with no options to get the premium version but this is not a reason to demand premium treatment and to attack us because you must see 3 adds before downloading the map FOR FREE from Sharemods, without other barriers.
So, we are gonna offer them the premium treatment.

Roextended 2.3 will be the last version downloaded by paid links. There are many reasons for this, both personal and public, but i will present just a few related to all of us:
-There are situations when a map must be updated, fixed or adjusted to unexpected situations.
-There are small updates ready to release sooner.
-There are SCS problematic updates, a very dynamic situation lately.
Once a user is buying the premium link and the map is downloaded, any relation between him and us is just post-factum, in many situations we did support activities by forum or mail.
"Hey, there is a V2 of the X and Y RC, or there is a fix for map W!"
If a mistake is maded, we cannot corect that mistake for an ocasional premium user and that is not right.
Most of the time the premium user has the map and use it "as it is" until the next version comes up.
Despite the fact we are always suspended premium downloads when a new version is on the way to be released,
there are users asking "Hey, i downloaded premium version 2 weeks ago, now should i repeat the procedure for the next version?" A fair question.

Any updates to the map will be provided just for PPM members.
If future versions are in need for a fix, update, adjustement, we will use the PPM mailing list to inform users.
It's the fastest, usefull and corect way to do it.

Other creations, like YKSRSK, mods and fixes, will remain open to the public.