Forum Rules and Forum Usage

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Forum Rules and Forum Usage

Post by Arayas » December 15th, 2018, 12:59 pm

Forum Rules and Usage

1.Visitors cannot see all the topics from the forum (including Download Section), just registered users can.
2.Making a new account is possible JUST in original "create an account" page, NOT in translated one.
3.First post of any new user MUST be aproved before going public. Don't spam pushing the same post over and over again (warn->ban)
4.If you have more than one account on forum, your access will be permanently restricted on all of them.(ban)

1. The official language of this forum is ENGLISH.(warn->ban)
2. The accepted exception is ROMANIAN just for the topics from Romanian Language Section.
3. Any use of dirty/violent language/words in posting or usernames will terminate your account here.(ban)

1. Use the corect topic when posting. Most of the topics are created for a certain subject debate or presentation, while Troubleshooting Topic includes problems (crashes and so on) (warn->ban)
2. The creation of a new topic is allowed just if the subject is not already included in an existing topic. (warn->ban)
3. Posting links on forum is allowed JUST if those links are the OFFICIAL ones. Any link to a mod or something else must be the ones supported by the creator of those things.(ban)

1. Download Area is visible JUST for registered users. The links used in Download (Patreon included), PPM or Citizens Areas are PERSONAL.
You are not allowed to share those links anywhere. (ban)
2. We dont't allow in any shape or form the distribution of our internal links (Sharemods or other) (ban)
3. All downloads are recorded in a database containing user data. Any file can have user identification markers.
Re-posting those files in pirate enviroment is strictly forbidden and we use all your data against you for legal actions. (ban)
4. Paid files (map cores) are registered as DIGITAL PRODUCTS and, like any other product, are protected by international laws.
We can ask for financial reparations if those digital packages are posted for download in ilegal way.(ban)
5. The platform verification system makes a report about users who are downloading the free PREMIUM files without buying the CORE file. (ban)

1. The ilegal distribution of any Roextended Project file through Discord, Youtube or other platforms is strictly forbidden. (ban)
If you share our files containing your user data to a third party, it's your responsability, and our actions will be directed against you.
2. You can use only the site or forum topic links in your recommandation (see rule D2)(ban)
3. Using the map in video platforms is allowed only if the video description contain the link to the main site (ban)

Beside permanent access restriction, keep in mind we are gonna take actions also on the platform you used to brake the rules.

1. (ban) = Ban issued on our platform is PERMANENT, except situations when we think a limited ban is needed.
2. Your rank/status on the forum is not important when you brake the rules.
3. (warn->ban) = you will get a WARN first, and at the second incident you will be permanently banned.
4. If you consider the action against you is not based, you can write your problem using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum page.
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