PPM most common problems

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PPM most common problems

Post by Arayas » July 27th, 2021, 1:55 pm

A short troubleshooting topic for people who supported the map but still have problems getting the files.

1. If you are a PPM you are NOT a Forum PPM by default. You need to ask for it.
Simple PPM = updates by mail in 24-72 hours
Forum PPM = no mail updates but download available in the first second in forum PPM Area

2. If you are PPM using a Microsoft, mail.ru and even other mail providers (t-online.de, free.fr and so on) or if for some reason you don't receive mails, use the forum PPM option.
Some mail providers are blocking any mail sent to more than 5 people as spam, so this situation is not up to us to resolve.

3. Don't ask for us to re-send mails. Any download is personalized and we did our job already.
If the first one got lost, the second will have the same faith. And at every update you will ask again.
Solution: Be a Forum PPM

4. If the map was released, but you don't have it yet, don't panic. The mails are sent in packs at some specific time intervals to avoid the situation of our server beeing labeled as spammer server.
The automated mail system will send all mails in 24-72 hours from release. Not in the same second for everybody.
The only place where you can download the map in first second is the forum as Forum PPM.

5. If you order the map from mail A and make the payment from mail B, the mail B will be your PPM mail adress, is the only one we receive from PayPal.
So make sure you look for the future mails in the corect place.

How to pass from normal PPM to Forum PPM
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