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Roex Team Members

Post by Arayas » May 26th, 2020, 11:37 am

As you already know the Roex team is small and not a usual one as other teams.
For mapping and map files updates is just me. I have a few friends, barely "team members", :read:
helping me with graphics, mass file editing, site and forum maintenance, PPM program and so on.
Administrative "back stage" things.

So, maybe i never was clear about this matter:
we do look and need members for mapping activities.
You can choose your mapping interest, prefered area and procedures.
You can choose your schedule and work rhytm.

Your work will receive from me guidance for what to do to fix or improve stuff.
Gain experience as you go further, as i did, but with my help.
I had nobody to tell me what's wrong except public feedback and that is not always pleasent.

If you have potential and patience, you will join the group of Team Members i will create here on forum.
If you are interested to see your work in Roex or Turkey, contact me in private message and we will talk.
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