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YKSRSK 1.8 [1.35.DirectX11]


Mandatory Requirements:

-Roextended map 2.1[1.35] or 2.2[1.35] and the requirements for them

Load Order: 

-visit the FORUM

Log 1.8: 

-All borders updated with barriers, flags and stuff, optimisation

-ferry from Odesa (Ukraine) to Sinop

-added ferry point to Baku for the people who want to connect something there

-new Burgas-Kirklareli border

-reworked some building texture from YKS

-reworked cities of Baku, Sinop and Kirklareli


-place YKSRSKdefmap above Roextended in mod manager.

-place YKSRSKassets at the bottom of the mod manager

NO files from original YKS are needed! 

NO ferry connections needed to ROEX or Southern Region, all are included in YKSRSK

NO road connection between ROEX and YKSRSK (included)

FULL YKSRSK 1.8 [1.35] full package

Packed, fixed and updated models included 

the previous road connections for 1.7.1 are still standing

Road Connection YKSRSK1.7.1-Promods Greece 2.41  

!!Mandatory if you use Promods!!

Placement: above both maps.

Road Connection YKSRSK-Southern Region  V2  

Placement: above both maps.

Road Connection YKSRSK-TSM the greek connection   

Road Connection and Ferry Connection from Kavala to Izmir

Placement: above both maps.

For older versions please check the



you can reupload this map only by pointing to link, not by file links

In any other situation we are gonna take action agains you and your site host, like we already did in some isolated cases.


You will have to place in the stream/video description the name of the map and the link to!

Otherwise you are not allowed to use this map in your material. We will legaly notify Youtube, Twitch or whatever platform you use for copyright infringement. Respect the work of those who provide diversity for your viewers.