this are aditional files used to connect maps

on top of all maps (doesnt matter what map or how many)
place one of this Eurasia Background Mod's (satellite, SCS colour or SCS black style)
for corect map alignament and close zoom crash fix.

Info and download


RC's (road connections)

place this files ABOVE connected maps

use the one needed by your version of ROEX map

the complete list of updated mods and RC's 


LEGAL: you can reupload this map only by pointing to link, not by file links In any other situation we are gonna take action agains you and your site host, like we already did in some isolated cases.

FOR YOUTUBERS: You will have to place in the stream/video description the name of the map and the link to! Otherwise you are not allowed to use this map in your material. We will legaly notify Youtube, Twitch or whatever platform you use for copyright infringement.

Respect the work of those who provide diversity for your viewers.