A new group was created on the forum: PPM

The PPM forum members will have acces to the last TOPIC named "PPM Area" , a topic invisible for normal users.

PPM Area will have links to all available ROEX maps and additional files, and some exclusive ones (like beta's).

Also you can create topics for discutions with other PPM members.

The community is getting bigger and bigger (thank you!) and for security reasons not everybody will receive the updates in the same time.

Some of you have trouble with our automated mail system.

To cut this problems off we did a PPM Area in the Forum.


-In the first topic of PPM Area you have permanent links to the latest version of our map. BETA testing versions will also be available there.

-More than that, the links on that topic are the first to be updated in case of a new release, unlike mails who are following a schedule for delivery.

-You can have acces to those links from anywhere, anytime, in case you dont have acces to your email or you cannot find the original updating mail from us.


-You will still be in our PPM database but the automated mailing system will not include your mail adress.

The NEW procedure to get acces to PPM Area is doned by mail (private messages are not longer an option) in 2 steps:

1. go to Forum HERE and create and activate by mail your forum USER

(you can use whatever email or user name you want, not necesary related to the PPM one)

2.send us an email from your PPM mail adress telling us:

<<my FORUM USER IS xxxxxxx, i want PPM access.>>

In 24 hours your user name on forum will be in Green colour and you will be a member of PPM group with full access. Thank you.

Sience this is a voluntary download, any BETA testing version link will be posted there!

We cannot send this by mail and use our PPM's like BETA testers!

PPM users are NOT PPM members in forum by default! You need to ASK!

Hope you like this new feature!