A new group was created on the forum: PPM

The PPM forum members will have acces to the last TOPIC named "PPM Area" , a topic invisible for normal users.

PPM Area will have links to all available ROEX maps and additional files, and some exclusive ones (like beta's).

Also you can create topics for discutions with other PPM members.

If you are a PPM member, and member of Roextended forum

 send a private message to Arayas containing a text like:

" my PPM mail adress is yourmail@outlook.net, i want the PPM status in forum"

and in 24 hours your status will be changed. Don't ask this by mail, but in forum!

NEW users? (you will do this once only!)

What can you do?

Go to forum

1.make the account (like in any other forum)

2.validate it by mail (like in any other forum)
3.send the private message (you have permission to do that)

Note 1:
it doesnt matter if the mail for PPM is different than the one used on Roextended forum.
You can register in the forum with any mail adress,
but i want to know your PPM mail to verify if you are indeed a PPM.

Note 2:
this is a new way of map distribution, private packages/updates
and this will EXCLUDE your mail adress from mailing list
(the mail adress is still in our database but it will not take part in automated mailing procedures).

1. You will have instant acces to download links on PPM Area topic,
is the first place where the link for the new version is posted (even before mailing lists),
no more spam problems, junk, mail blocking and so on.
2. No more waiting until your group is next to receive the mail
(you know that not all PPM's are receiving the mails in the same time)
3. IF for some reason you want to redownload a package,
you will not need to look for the old mail, when the map was released,
you will have the link on forum at your disposal.

Sience this is a voluntary download, any BETA testing version link will be posted there!

We cannot send this by mail and use our PPM's like BETA testers!


-no mail update, you must check from time to time if is a new version,
but, if you hear a new version it's out, you just log in and have acces to instant download links.

Hope you like this new feature!