As an alternative option to classic mail delivery we have created in our Forum a PPM users Group

 who can have access to a special topic named "PPM AREA".

First off all, as a normal PPM you are not automatically included in this Group.

This is open just for those who are validated as a user in PPM Group.

Why should i join this group?

Because the links for a new version are the first to be updated in this area.

Because, even before release, we publish a BETA version for testing in this area.

Because you don't need to search for your mails to download the map. It's always there.

Because the automated mailing system could take up to 24 hours to update everyone sience release.

Because is easy on our servers.

But...keep in mind, 

as a part of this group you will not receive mails anymore. The forum is your source.

How do i get there?

You need to ask, because it's a choice you have to make.

Steps to get the Forum PPM status: a PPM

1.create an account on forum. 

 You can use ANY email to do that, not related to your PPM mail adress.

2.validate your account and see if you can log in on forum.

Your user name will be blue (at the bottom of the page see your user in WHO IS ONLINE area) 

3.send us a mail from your PPM mail adress (not a different one) to 

with the text: 

"my user name on forum is XXXXXXXXX, i want PPM access on forum" 

Once your access is granted you will receive (in 24 hours)           

in your PPM mail adress a confirmation mail. 

4.Log in on forum and see if your username is now green

 If so, scroll down at the bottom of the forum and access PPM Area. 

Enjoy it! 

 Wrong steps: 

1.sending us a mail using "Contact us" link from forum. 

It will be ignored, different people are handling this features. 

2.sending us a mail with wrong text "my PPM mail is XXXXXXXX, i want PPM access on forum" 

 Great for you, but we dont know your user. It will be ignored. 

3.sending us a mail from a NON-PPM mail adress. 

We cannot verify your PPM status so, it will be ignored. 

4.sending us a mail even if you are NOT a PPM user. 

It doesnt work, it will be ignored.