LOG 2.2

-8 new cities: Chornobyl, Korosten, Коvel, Lutsk, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Rivne, Sarny, Shepetivka

-3 new connections with Belarus and 2 with Poland

-many custom, non-standard loading/unloading points

-Chornobyl nuclear factory remains as scenery

-closed forest hard roads

LOG 2.4:

-Eastern expansion of Ukraine with 3 new cities: Donetsk, Lugansk and Antratsyt

-the reason for this: two new direct road connections with Southern Region

-1.36 final conversion

-redesigned city of Uzghorod and surroundings

-exit from Uzghorod towards Stryi, passing Muchacevo not needed anymore

-updated both Ukraine borders near Uzghorod.


-Adapted to Road to Black Sea DLC

-all remaded connections with Ukraine and Moldova  

-added a ferry in Constanta