Sience not everyone has time to find and download updates, map files, connection files, free links, paid links,  we are gonna start sience 1.8 version a program called Permanent Premium Member (PPM). 

The ways you can be a Permanent Premium Member:

-Any user who has a minimum of 5 euro donation in one piece (donation button it's on the first page) 

-Any user who paid minimum 5 euro for a premium link (you can edit the amount you want to pay)

The benefits:

-you are gonna receive in your email adress all you need to have to use Roextended Premium anytime, at any update, any new version, all the connection files and logs of all future versions. No need to acces paid links, no need even to acces this site. You will have in your email the download links for the newest version of the map. The news, the work in progress and all the informative stuff it's gonna be in your email adress to know where this map it's going (not many, we dont want to spam).  

In the moment we receive your donation, or your payment, your email adress it's gonna be in PPM database. You don't need to do anything. You don't have acces to PayPal but you still want to be Premium user? No problem, send an email to and we will find a way.

This is easy for us, and even more easy for you. 

Why we want to do this? Because Paypal has fixed fee and we loose more than half from that euro paid by you to support us. So, in this way you can offer a better support for our work. Again, thank you for that.

INFO: you will receive in max.24 hours an email confirming your PPM status. 

Check your SPAM settings and folder. If you don't received the mail please inform us at